Help us bury Tianna - slain teenager's family makes plea to public

February 22, 2018
14-year-old St James High School student Tianna Clarke.


The family of Tianna Clarke, the 14-year old girl whose body was found in an abandoned house in Granville, St James, last Saturday, is seeking the public's assistance to cover her burial expenses.

Her grandmother Daphane Bent said the family has identified a package that will cost $195,000, however, the relatives cannot afford it.

They are urging persons to contribute via a GoFundMe account that has been launched.

"We would like persons to contribute because, honestly, I just build up a likkle place and borrow money and affi pay it back and she [Tianna's mother] got laid off," Bent explained.

With an autopsy still to be done, the family is trying to source the funds as early as possible.

"As soon as mi get the OK wid the burial place down a country, I will start to pay down, but wi affi wait until the autopsy is done," Bent said.

Bent said she has responsibility for the funeral preparations because the pain of Tianna's death has become too unbearable for the other relatives, including Tianna's mother Valesha Vidal.

Meanwhile, Vidal, who has three other children, said she has been finding it very difficult to cope with her daughter's death.

"Right now a di worse a mi. From Saturday till now mi nuh get likkle sleep. It come like a mad mi a mad," she told THE STAR.

Clarke was a grade eight student at St James High School. She is believed to have been raped then stabbed to death.

Persons who wish to make donations can do so at: or contact Daphane Bent at 366-4631

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