Worthless cop not supporting child - babymother fed up with court system

February 22, 2018

The mother of a seven-year-old child is accusing policemen of shielding their colleagues against whom child support orders have been made.

Pam Black* said her child's father, who is a policeman, has failed to live up to his obligations. She alleges that the constable has spent no more than $100,000 on their daughter since her birth.

"He is not there financially, nor does he visit the child or anything," she told THE STAR.

She said when the child was three months old, the court ruled that he was supposed to pay $10,000 monthly.

"He paid that for three or four months and then he stopped. I had to take him back to court and then the same thing happened. He paid it for two months and then he stopped again," she said.

Black said she brought the constable back to court in 2015 and a judge raised the monthly payment to $20,000. She said he disregarded the judge's order and despite a bench warrant being issued for his arrest, fellow cops failed to serve him.

"It was not executed because I think they are hiding it. I think there is a cover-up with the court system and the JCF because he is a police officer," she told THE STAR.

Feeling frustrated after going to the Family Court countless times without her babyfather turning up, Black said she opted to have the case discontinued.

"I asked the judge to send something in writing to let his superiors know of the judgement and she didn't. I sent a letter to the court and I told them that I am no longer interested in pursuing the matter because they were of no assistance to me," she said.

Black said she has come forward because she knows she is not alone.

"What I went through, I know that a lot of persons are going through the same thing and I would want them to get assistance," Black said.

*Name Changed

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