Give me a chance to provide for my sons

February 24, 2018
Annext Melhado's boys often get money by dancing for passersby.
A struggling father, Annext Melhado, seeks help for his mentally challenged boys.

Faced with caring for two mentally ill sons, a father is begging for an opportunity to provide for them.

Annext Melhado, 45, says he has been forced to take care of the two teenage boys on his own since their mother walked out on them when they were infants.

"She leave dem from dem a two likkle toddlers and never come back to the house, so I have dem from that time, and di two a dem burn down my seven-apartment house," he told THE STAR.

Hailing from Porus, Manchester, Melhado says that despite the challenges he has faced in providing for his children, aged 17 and 19, he is determined never to give up on them.

"Even now, I have to bathe dem and brush dem teeth," he said.

But having fallen on hard times, he says that he has struggled to adequately provide their basic needs.

"I have been out of a job for a very long while but sometimes I get a one-day or two-day work, but very rare," he told THE STAR.

"I would be grateful if I could get a gardener work because I don't want to give up because I reach too far with them. I lost my job and I am looking another," he continued.

And despite having an injured back, he is still willing to work if given the opportunity.

"I have a slip disc, so there is a problem with my spine, but if I get the job, I would use a strap to keep down the pressure," Melhado said.

He told The STAR that he had to stop sending the boys to school after they were abused by other students.

"When they went to school, there were students there that slammed their heads against the wall and beat them badly, and I take it to heart and take them form the school because I love them so much and I don't want them to kill dem," he told THE STAR.

"I took them to church, and I ask the prayer warriors to pray for all of us because sometime I feel that I am at the edge to pitch over and give up," he confessed.

While he is grateful to have received a house from Food For the Poor after his house was destroyed, he said that it does not have proper bathroom facilities.

"I would like some help because I dig a pit, so if I could get some stones and pack it so I could use sewage. I don't mind to take up water and flush that sewage and let it soak away," he said.

And even as he searches for a job, Melhado is asking for a few items for his boys until he is able to buy some.

"The same Food For the Poor assist me with some scandal bag of food, some clothes and mattress, but right now, I don't have any sheet for dem, suh I would like some to keep dem warm," the father said.

Annext Melhado may be contacted at 1-876-813-3971 or 1-876-783-7054.

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