Falmouth residents unhappy with garbage collection

February 27, 2018
Falmouth's bustling town centre back in the days before Water Square was pedestrianised

Residents in Falmouth, Trelawny, say they are not impressed with the manage-ment of garbage collection by state agency Western Parks and Market (WPM).

"I am ashamed when the tourists come here and have to see the streets flood out because of the clogged drains across the town," Junior Walters, a senior citizen, told WESTERN STAR.

"If these things are not dealt with properly - the garbage the awful smell at certain points - then that does not sell Falmouth and the country well."

Efforts to contact the Garnet Edmondson, regional operations manager for WPM, were unsuccessful, but the Trelawny Municipal Corporation says millions of dollars have been spent to address concerns regarding the aesthetics of the town.

When the WESTERN STAR visited Falmouth recently, the people were quick to point to a number of roadways in the vicinity of the cruise port that had pile-up of garbage, even as tourists viewed the historic Georgian town.

"Look how some of the streets are littered with garbage, and we look for tourists to come in the place looking like this," said an irate Paul Robinson, who lives near the town centre.

"The streets are not clean because the garbage is not being taken up. We try to make things better by sometimes paying to clean up the garbage, but the authorities are not doing their part," he lamented.

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