Holness hands over keys for The Estuary

February 27, 2018
Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Friday handed over keys to contributors who have purchased one-bedroom units at The Estuary in Friendship, St James.

The scheme was developed under a joint-venture arrangement between the National Housing Trust and West Indies Home Contractors Limited. When completed, The Estuary will comprise 1,500 units and supporting infrastructure on 254 acres of land.

The development is being done at a cost of $7 billion, and is aimed at low-income earners.

During his address, Holness told those in attendance that the Government is determined to establish a formal home ownership structure to counter the proliferation of informal housing settlements across the island.

"When you drive through Jamaica, you see so many unplanned communities. It makes the place look 'chaka-chaka,' and people don't want to live in 'chaka-chaka' circumstances, but our systems have not been so well-developed to support a formal process of home ownership," said Holness. "There's a lot of talk about how we're going to deal with informal settlements, and when we have these problems they have to be properly studied."

There are 21 informal settlements in the parish of St James.

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