Jerome White gave love

February 27, 2018
Members of Jerome White's family during his funeral on Saturday.

Jerome White, a son of Falmouth in Trelawny, was last Saturday eulogised as a man who gave love in abundance.

White died on February 1. He was 88 years old.

"He had no biological children but fathered those of his siblings - two brothers and a sister. We all felt his love," Elsa Holder, one of White's niece said during a thanksgiving service at the William Knibb Memorial Baptist Church.

A chemist by training, White worked in several places in Jamaica and Canada. He was remembered as one who loved history, the town of Famlouth, and his church.

"He never came home for holidays without bearing gifts for the church. If he came on Thursday, he would be in church on Sunday with his gifts. You didn't have to look for him, he would take his customary seat, stroking his signature white beard," church secretary Lorna Jackson said.

The Reverent Devere Nugent, in his sermon, invited his congregants to learn from White's life.

"He loved people. He had a keen interest in the church and showed it in several ways. Go from here today as one who has fallen in love with the church and its dictates," he said.

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