MoBay Transport Centre to be renovated

February 27, 2018
Mike Henry

Commuters in Montego Bay, St James, should begin to see improvements to the transportation centre next fiscal year.

"Considering the physical decay of the transport centre over many years, the consequent exposure of its users to the elements, and other challenges like security compromises, and the resultant widespread and disregard from PPV operators of the requirement to operate from the centre as their licence dictates, it is good for me to be able to bring about a collective solution to the problems, working with the people on the ground," Transport Minister Mike Henry said.

The first phase of the renovation is projected to start in April. It will have a price tag of $40 million and will include the repair of the perimeter fence, the establishment of user-friendly commercial structures, shelters for commuters and improvements in the bathroom facilities and security posts.

The project will be funded from the budget of the Transport Authority.




"It is not a secret that the Government of Jamaica has lacked the resources over the years to build out parks as required and to the standard required, but we have decided that the time has come for us to address the problem," Joseph Shoucair, chairman of the Transport Authority, said.

"We will, in due course, engage the private sector and try to encourage them to build, own and operate bus parks. With our start in Montego Bay, we intend to set the standard that we expect to be followed throughout the island," he added.

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