Vox Pop: Should Falmouth’s Ben Dung Market be developed into a tourist attraction?

February 27, 2018
Marsha Rodney
Rhonda Clarke
Vinette Brown

Rhonda Clarke, shopper: "I think Bend Down should be upgraded for Jamaicans first before marketing it as an attraction to foreigners because right now, I don't think it has the face to be any major attraction."

Vinette Brown, vendor: "It depends on where we are and what Bend Down is going to be. It is an attraction right now where it is, but if we go down to the new location, then it is not going to be Bend Down. They would be providing something totally different down there."

Marsha Rodney, shopper: "The way Bend Down is now, I don't see it as a tourist attraction because the condition of the market is not up to standard to attract neither locals nor foreigners."

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