Brighter days for Sharwayne

February 28, 2018
Sharwayne Lennon


Days after The STAR told Sharwayne Lennon's heart-wrenching story of poverty and despair, the teenager was on Monday reunited with an aunt, Sherine, who lives in Clarendon.

He also learnt that he has a twin sister, who also lives with the aunt.

"When we go CDA this week, we realised say him and him sister a twin. Dem born the same day and year to di same parents, so that's when we discovered that they are twins," she said.

The Child Development Agency (CDA) office in Clarendon refused to comment on the development yesterday, two days after a woman who identified herself went to Mount Moses in north west Clarendon to retrieve the boy. The CDA's head office in Kingston did not respond to queries at press time yesterday.

"Him did live with me and him father come and take him away. I had no idea where he was until me see him inna The STAR. A somebody even tell me say is the house where him did born him deh so a so me mek CDA accompany me for him, and release him in my custody again," Sherine said.




THE WEEKEND STAR last Friday published Sharwayne's desperate call for help after our news team visited his community and saw his need. The slippers on his feet were his only pair and he barely has clothes. Sharwayne's dwelling was located on top of a steep hill. It was a broken-down hut which was surrounded by debris. His bed was a piece of sponge that lie on the dirt floor. He was unsure of his age and neighbours estimated that he could be between the ages of 16 and 19.

Sherene, who is currently unemployed, said she is also the guardian of Lennon's two other siblings.

"Me nah guh stop try with them, enuh, and me really hope he will continue to get little help until I can manage fully to take care of them on my own. Me would really want to build a room for him on the house," she added.

Sharwayne has been receiving tokens of goodwill since his story was published. He told The STAR that he is grateful to all the persons who have reached out to offer their assistance.

"I am very happy where I am because I can sleep comfortably and my aunt always tried her best with me. I just want to go back to school and make something of my life. I thank everyone for their help, even to those who just call to tell me not to give up, " he said.

Sharwayne and his aunt can be contacted at 1-876-831-0137.

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