Engine revs up Road Flex's handcart business

March 01, 2018
Kenroy 'Road Flex' Hibbert installed an engine in his handcart to make business better.
Kenroy Hibbert's motorised handcart draws a lot of attention.

Tired of walking around with boxes and the bags of goods that he sells, Kenroy 'Road Flex' Hibbert came up of with the idea of building a motorised cart to make his travels easier.

"Mi sell cologne, air freshener, and all a dem things deh, and mi usually walk wid a likkle box and hustle. But true some a di time it kinda come dung pon mi hard, mi just try come up wid an idea and do mi thing," the Chisholm Avenue, St Andrew, resident told THE STAR.

"A wah tell yuh say a long time mi a hustle inna di street and thing, and life kinda hard, so mi haffi think of kinda ways fi mek di thing easier," Hibbert said.

Hibbert's wooden cart is powered by a motorcycle engine. It is outfitted with a TV, radio and other accessories.

And, with as low $500 worth of gas, he is able to travel as far as Spanish Town, St Catherine.

"Is like a car, cause it have everything. The only thing [is that] mi nuh siddung," he told THE STAR.

He said that when people see him travelling on the cart on the road, they get very excited.

"Dem love it and dem always a come fi tek picture wid it and encourage mi. Police love it too, all dem tell mi say keep out of the road and don't disturb the traffic," he said.

Since Hibbert, 34, constructed the 'vehicle' more than two years ago, he said that he has gained a lot of attention, as well as earn money through other avenues.

"Mi do all type a things. Sometimes mi play [as a selector] all a party, nine night or any likkle thing. Mi hustle wid it same way cause mi a all-rounder," he said.

But Hibbert doesn't depend solely on the motorised cart to make money.

"Mi a mason, and mi can do carpenter work, and mi can do whole heap a likkle design," he told THE STAR.

"Mi use the money weh mi mek from hustling fi tek care a mi family. Mi have a likkle daughter, so mi use mi likkle money weh mi mek fi tek care a dem, and do other likkle things," he said.

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