A wheelchair would be nice - Suzette Foster wants help to walk

March 02, 2018
Suzette Foster of Silent Hill in Clarendon.

Susette Foster has never walked a day in her life. The 22-year-old says she has had to depend on walking aid to get around.

"Doctors say that if me fi walk, me would affi go like overseas, not out here in Jamaica. I am here because mommy nuh have it and mommy nah work again," she said.

The Silent Hill, Clarendon, resident said doctors told her that something is wrong with the veins in her knees and legs and as such she cannot straighten them.

Despite this, Foster is a bundle of joy as she says, she is thankful for where she is, even though she cannot walk without the aid of a walker.




"Life is the greatest thing and I have life and strength," she said.

Foster told THE WEEKEND STAR that there are days she wish she had a wheelchair that would make things easier for her. She says that walking using the crutch is very hard, but she cannot do better at this time.

"The walker [is] kind of hackling. It make me use too much muscle. I would like to get help getting a wheelchair because it would make things more easier than the walker," she said.

Foster is the first of three children for her mother. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she had to stop attending school at Grade 7 because of her parents' inability to pay her school fees and the strain of walking with the crutch.

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