Bleachers beware - Company says fake cream could cause harm

March 03, 2018
A vendor displays her selection of skin bleaching products.

Hair and skincare company E.W. Abrahams and Sons Limited is urging the public to be aware of fake deluxe Nadinola bleaching cream that has been on the market in Jamaica since 2015.

Michael Abrahams, CEO of E.W. Abrahams and Sons Limited, said based on agreement with J. Strictland & Company, a decision was taken to discontinue the name and distribution of the product.

He was not willing to divulge what led to that decision.

"I don't know where the product is coming from," he said of the one which is said to be on the market. "I don't know if somebody in Jamaica is illegally making it and I do not know the contents of it. I just know that it should not be there," Abrahams said.

In a advertisement in the media, E.W Abrahams and Sons Limited (EWA) said the presence of the product on the market "raise grave health and safety concerns for unwitting users of the fake product".

Assistant Superintendent of Police Dahlia Garrick said the matter has not been reported to Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime (CTOC), the branch of the police force that deals with copyright infringements.

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