No love for Hague Agri Show

March 06, 2018
Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Karl Samuda, holds a piece of yam grown in Trelawny as he interacts with a female farmer during his tour of the booths at the Hague Agricultural and Industrial Show in Trelawny in February.
Carlton Smith posing with one of his prized bulls at the Hague Show 2014.

Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschett, says poor management by the Trelawny chapter of the Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS) has caused farmers and sponsors to lose interest in the Hague Agriculture and Industry show.

"The lack of funding for many years and the lack of accountability led to a serious decline in sponsorship and participation by the farmers," Muschett said recently.

"Even though the show has great potential, the quality for which the people of Trelawny are accustomed has declined drastically," he said.

"The show has not been the type of show that we could all be proud of," said Muschett, who is the patron of the event. "This should not be after 63 years and must be corrected forthwith."

President of the Trelawny branch of the JAS Ryan Keating said nobody wants to be associated with the show.

According to Keating, the recently held show had a budget of $5.4 million but his association did not get any support from the JAS, and neither have funds been forthcoming from the agriculture ministry.

"I agree that the show is lacking but we still tried because it is something our farmers look forward to. We only got through because of my good name because nobody wants to be associated with the show."

Keating said he still owes $800,000 to service providers for the event, but with no money in the coffers of the branch office, he is pleading for support from the head office or the ministry.

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