Queenie building the vibe in Albert Town

March 06, 2018
Carlene 'Queenie' Muschette, otherwise called First Lady, at her bar in Albert Town, Trelawny.

Queenie's Corner Bar in Albert Town, Trelawny, has been in operation for just two years, but the operator has managed to create a family vibe among residents there, so much that it is now considered the spot to be for locals and passers-by alike.

"I always wanted to be my own boss; it was my biggest dream," the owner, Carlene 'Queenie' Muschette, otherwise called First Lady, told THE Western Star recently.

"Even when I worked for others, I would tell myself that one day I would have my own business," Queenie added.

"When I left my last job, I sat home for six months and then I decided to start my own thing.

"Things have been great," she said. "Business is good. I can make some money to [meet] my expenses, buy my stock, and still put away something in the bank."

Queenie is always finding ways to integrate the community into her operation, especially by hosting events that cater to their needs.

"For Fridays, most of the supporters don't cook at home but are on the spot to listen to music and lyme, because we are just one big family. The vibe is just right because I believe in living lovingly, and that is what you get at Queenie's Corner Bar. No bad vibes over here. It is my job to make you feel at home, even while being away from your home."

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