Vox Pop: Do you agree that the Cockpit Country must be protected?

March 06, 2018
Rosalyn Boswell
Hermin Hamilton
Roland Haye


The Cockpit Country is rich with various species of plants and birds, soils, caves and water sources, and there has been much debate about whether or not bauxite mining should be allowed in the area.

Hermin Hamilton, retired human resource officer: "Jesus Christ! None of that. When mining finish with it, not even a grain of corn will we be able to grow. The lives of all our farmers would be affected negatively."

Roland Haye, environmentalist: "Absolute-ly, it is the source of all the major rivers in western Jamaica, and by extension, the water supply for domestic purposes. Mining will destroy the watershed and pollute the underground aquifers."

Rosalyn Boswell, security officer: "Why did they not think of arranging things like ziplines so tourist can enjoy nature. Mining will only destroy what we have. No mining in the Cockpit Country."

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