'A wicked act' - Rape, murder of granny rocks St Thomas

March 06, 2018

Zerene Carr is struggling to accept that someone raped her elderly mother, Eugine James, and then murdered her.

"That is the part that I can't manage at all. ... It just can't come out of my head," Carr said, adding that her mother would have celebrated her 75th birthday on Friday.

The body of James, a shopkeeper in the area, was found partially naked with a cut to the throat lying in a bed soaked with blood early Sunday morning in Duckenfield, St Thomas.

"We came from market in town (Kingston) together Saturday night and when we reached Morant Bay I put her on a taxi to take her home," her daughter said. She told THE STAR that they both live in separate communities, her mother living alone.

The 46-year-old woman's final conversation with her mother was in the form of a phone call checking to see if she had got home safely - to which she answered: "Yes, mi reach long time, man. Mi just a pick up the last market bag fi guh inna the house now."

Carr told THE STAR that the following morning a young man came calling at her house.




"He looked very weak so I asked him what wrong and he gave me the phone to talk to someone. The person on the phone tell me seh dem guh in mi mother house and dem see like somebody rape and kill her."

"From that I started to scream. I got a taxi and go over there and when I reach crowd was outside and police. They didn't see when we (she, her daughters and a cousin) ran inside the house."

"When me look me see blood coming from her neck, then mi seh mama nuh dead - a sleep she a sleep so I started calling- - 'Mama! Mama!' Then I realise a dead mi mada dead," she said as her voice trailed off.

A man remains in the custody of the police after he was picked up in the community on Sunday in connection to the rape and murder.

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