Adams overlooked! - Former army general is the new commish

March 07, 2018
Antony Anderson
Reneto Adams



Retired crime-fighter Renato Adams has yet again been overlooked for the job of Commissioner of Police. The Police Service Commission yesterday announced that Major General Antony Anderson, a former chief of defence staff, will be leading the Jamaica Constabulary Force as of March 19.

Adams yesterday declined to comment on the development. It is the third time since his retirement from the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2012 at age 63, that Adams is being overlooked for the job. Carl Williams and George Quallo have been given the job ahead of him on previous occasions.

There have been numerous calls for him to be brought out of retirement and be given the jop of police commissioner since Quallo's retirement in January. The Office of the Prime Minister was even petitioned.

"Police morals are at an all-time low. Mr. Adams being appointed on the basis of his performance would boost the moral of the cohort. In the days of Adams every criminal knew and fear the name Adams. He is committed to crime fighting and is not easily influenced," a petitioner said on the Jamaica House Petition portal. However, needing to get 15,000 signatures by March 12 in order to get the attention of the Prime Minister, the 'Reneto Adams for Commissioner' petition has received support from only 103 persons, and seems doomed for failure.

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