Donors pool funds to bury 14-year-old murder victim

March 08, 2018
14-year-old St James High School student Tianna Clarke.

After Kaseka Daley read that family members were seeking funds to bury 14-year-old Tianna Clarke, whose body was found in an abandoned house in Granville, St James, she was moved to make a donation.

"I saw it on The STAR's Instagram page and when I read it, I was like 'Oh my God, this is the worst thing that could happen ... Imagine dying like this and not being able to have a proper burial. Nobody deserves to go out like this," she said.

However, instead of just donating the money to the family, she encouraged other persons to match the funds that she was offering.

"I put up $50,000 and asked persons on Instagram to match my $50,000," said Daley who plans to establish a foundation.

To her surprise $80,000 was raised from eight persons within eight hours of her post being made. When added to the $50,000 that she put up, the Tianna burial fund stood at $130,000.




"It is the least we can do. You see, when society fails one person, then we have to pick up so it is the least we can do. She didn't deserve to die as she did and at the end at the day I want to think that society failed those persons that actually did it, so we actually had to step in so that we could do something for her," she said.

While expressing gratitude for the numerous donations, a grateful family member told The STAR that they were able to pay for a funeral package at Price & Sons as well as purchase a spot at Hopewell cemetery.

"I don't even know all who donate but I want to say it from the bottom of my heart ... It is from the bottom of my heart many, many thanks. Words are inadequate top express thanks," the relative told The STAR.

But with a funeral date tentatively set for the 25th of this month, the family member say they are now seeking funds to buy items to construct the grave.

"We don't have the money for the material as yet but we pay for the spot and have a receipt. The material is a problem, it is really bothering," she said.

In addition to the $130,000 raised through Daley's efforts, Tianna's family has received US$2,005 (approximately J$256,300) in donation via GoFundMe, a crowdfunding platform.

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