Fighting crime with love - But preaching policeman says he would kill to save lives

March 08, 2018
Cyril Francis, the Preaching Policeman.
Police on foot patrol.

Jamaica's 'Preaching Policeman' Corporal Cyril Francis has indicated that criminals should be ready for battle if they decide to challenge him.

Francis preaches love and respect for mankind, but said he is prepared to defend himself if faced with a deadly threat.

"Like the Bible said: I shall not die but live and declare ... I am not going out there to kill people, that is not my intention. But if I am approached by a criminal and his aim is to kill, I am going to kill him. I am not going to let anyone kill me," he said.

Francis is stationed at the Spanish Town Police Station in St Catherine, which is responsible for a tough policing district.




In an interview with The STAR on Tuesday, Francis pointed to well-known biblical figures who killed when they were confronted with deadly threats.

"I will bring them back to Samuel and David. Goliath was coming to kill to get rid of God's people, and everyone was running away, but little David killed him. You have to ensure that the enemy is dead or else they will get up back and kill you. Now, David was a man of God's own heart, but he was not going to stand there and watch people being killed," he said.

Meanwhile, the 'Preaching Policeman' said the only thing that can tackle the nation's crime rate is divine intervention.

"To tackle crime, we need God. We cannot do this by ourselves and we need God's intervention in everything that we are doing," he said.

He also argued that an embrace of proper values and attitudes would go a far way in helping to create a better society. The policeman, who is a bishop at Potters Tabernacle of Joy Church on Jobs Lane, Spanish Town, acknowledged that police personnel have been found wanting in this regard.

"When you respect people, they will respect us back. Police officers just need to approach people with respect. We have to remember what we are called to do as police officers. We are called to protect and reassure people," he said.




"We need to reassure people and let them feel love. We can't go out there and style people as boys. I have seen police officers calling men who is old enough to be their father and grandfather boys. How can they do this? I believe that once you bring respect to the civilians they will return the favour," he added.

Francis has been a member of the police force for almost two decades and says he has seen it all. However, he emphasised that although Jamaica is saturated with hardcore criminals, a little good deed sometimes is enough to change the heart of a 'heartless' individual.

"We need to know our job description and what we are for and there will be a big difference. Mark you, there are some hardcore criminals out there. But sometimes no matter how hardcore a person is, when they are approached in a non-hostile way, it allows them to look into themselves," he said.

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