One Touch making life easy for ole Barrington Leslie

March 08, 2018
Barrington Leslie and his donkey, One Touch, proceeding along Brunswick Avenue with cart loaded with lumber and other materials.

The 'beast of burden' is said to be blessed to serve its master, a saying that rings true for 84-year-old Barrington Leslie.

The senior citizen was seen navigating traffic on the busy streets of the Old Capital, Spanish Town, St Catherine, with One Touch, his donkey.

This jackass, however, is not one for the cameras as THE STAR found out recently. As this reporter attempted to capture its photo, the donkey, despite pulling a laden cart, made a dash for it. And when its handler gave a crack of the whip, the beast increased its speed as it moved along Brunswick Avenue.

Leslie later told THE STAR that he conditioned One Touch in order for him to properly navigate the busy streets. He also outlined how he got involved in the donkey-cart business.

"I usually sell sugar cane pon Wellington Street in the '80s, but mi stop and start use di donkey cart to move things. I use it to move cement, steel, stone, lumber, saw dust, plyboard, and almost everything," the spritely octogenarian said.

He told THE STAR that he cares for his donkey very much and feeds it very well.

"There was another donkey, but it get ole, so is One Touch mi have and him work alright," Leslie said.

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