Living a simple rural life - Winston Flowers taking things easy in the hills of Mocho

March 10, 2018
Winston Flowers, a farmer, makes his way home after a hard day's work with his donkey in Mocho, Clarendon, recently.

After a hard day's work, Winston Flowers makes his way home on the back of his donkey. The rays of the afternoon sun are making their way over the hills of Mocho, Clarendon, when Flowers waves to The STAR team before bringing his animal to a halt in the shade.

"A farming a my ting man. Mi a do this from me small enuh, cause my grandfather was a farmer as well. So him teach me the trade, and now, a it me use to take care a me family," he said.

While he is the cultivator of his two farms, his wife is the one who peddles the ground provisions. The meat from the animals is sold to the nearby butchers.

According to Flowers, his family lives a very simple life and doesn't miss the extravagant lifestyle that is often associated with the urban areas.

"Me and mi family have the best food yah suh cause no bag a poison no inna our food to preserve it. Rainwater pure and me always have something in crop, so me family can't hungry," he said.

But, like most farmers in Jamaica, Flowers' farms have not be insulated from the 'two-foot puss'.

"Mi farm way in a di hills, so the tief dem no come deh often, but every now and again, dem will rock in and create some damage. It hard when you raise all you cow and a man just come take it so. It hard, man, when you come see the animal carcass on the ground and you crop dem root out and gone," said.

He stated that most times, the thieves are from outside of the area but are accompanied by members of the district.

"Town man know seh country man love use dem lass, and no man nah just travel so far come up ina hill and bush to just come tief so. Di man dem inna di district a work with them," he said.

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