Tax office employee convicted of fraud

March 10, 2018


A tax office employee has been convicted of corruption after he admitted to collecting $60,000 to provide a man a driver's licence.

The employee, Showayne Gillespie, a stock clerk at the Spanish Town Revenue Service Centre, pleaded guilty in the St Catherine Parish Court to one count of conspiracy to defraud and one count of breach of the Corruption Prevention Act.

He was also charged with 35 counts of forgery, 10 counts of unlawful possession of revenue paper before being duly issued for public use and three counts of obtaining monies by false pretence.

Gillespie was arrested by officers of the Revenue Protection Division in April 2014, after investigations revealed that he corruptly obtained $60,000 from a man by falsely pretending that he had the authority to provide him with a driver's licence. He was rearrested in February 2015 and charged with forgery, possession of documents resembling revenue paper and possession of revenue paper before being duly stamped.

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