Bubbler needs help! - One-time dancer floored by sickness, weight gain

March 13, 2018
Bubbler at her home in Rose Mount, St James.
In this 2009 photo, Bubbler shows why she is one of the most-talked about names in dancehall.
Bubbler at her home in Rose Mount, St James.

Georgia Gray, better known as 'Bubbler', was a popular figure on the local entertainment scene in the 1990s and early 2000s, but sickness and financial difficulties have turned her world upside down in recent years.

The 53-year-old entertainer is turning to Jamaicans for financial assistance as she tries to overcome hardships.

"Mi can't move about these days because mi have asthma, sugar, pressure, poor blood circulation, and other illnesses," Bubbler told WESTERN STAR during a recent visit to her home in Rose Mount, St James.

Bubbler says she weighs just over 300lbs, which represents significant loss; she got up to 500lbs when she got sick.

She told WESTERN STAR that she has to depend on family members, like her daughter, who mostly stays at home with her, for assistance in moving around. Bubbler is unable to stand for very long. Being forced to depend on others has put some amount of emotional stress on the former entertainer, whose dream is to get back on her feet.

"Mi short a breath, so I deh on oxygen drum and nebuliser. Mi toe sick, I have to buy insulin, fluid form around mi lungs, and I have to be taking antibiotics to fight off infection," she told WESTERN STAR.

Bubbler said her medications are expensive, costing upwards of $17,000 to fill a prescription. This, she said, has drained her financially. She said that she would sometimes get aid from popular figures such as Kiprich, Alan Lewin, Sunny Ranking, Papa Lova; doctors; as well as politicians Henry McCurdy, Dr Peter Phillips, Charles Sinclair, Richard Vernon, and Portia Simpson Miller. Spoons Auto, Sinclair Pharmacy, Consumers Paradise, and Practical Car Rental have also assisted her.

"Mi get some support, but sometimes I don't want bother people because people have them bills and things to do for themselves too. So you can't get up every day a ask people, but I will be thankful still," said a teary-eyed Bubbler, whose house was foreclosed in November.

"Them sell the house where I live for more than seven years at Providence Heights because of lack of payment due to me sick and can't get to pay the mortgage. I only hear somebody a mi window a knock say them come serve me papers. So them sell the house and mi just have to just come out, and that's why I end up here a pay $20,000 a month for rent," she explained.

Bubbler, who is originally from Kingston, gained fame as a dancer who was always in the company of music entertainers such as Elephant Man, Kiprich, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Shaggy.

"I want to send nuff love to all who help me out in my sickness and God to make me get up every day and see sunshine. To all the people them, I want them to take care of themselves. Mi never realise at first, so I am asking everyone not to wait until it is too late," Bubbler, a mother of four, said.

Persons who wish to provide some financial assistance can do so by making deposits to the Scotiabank Montego Bay branch, account number 931885.

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