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March 14, 2018
Judging by the design of this grave in Paradise, St.Elizabeth, the person who is resting inside was cleary a lover of cars. There appears to have been been an increase in the building of fancy graves on the island.

Rondell Positive supports 'I Am Purpose' campaign

Gospel artiste Rondell Positive has come out in support of the national security's 'I Am Purpose' campaign, which was launched on Friday, March 9.

"I want to be touching new lives every day, helping a youth realise that there's more to life than carrying a gun, and helping a young lady to know there's more to life than glamour and that we all have a purpose in life," he said.

The initiative was launched to support current violence-reduction strategies in secondary schools and, by extension, the communities they serve. The campaign seeks to do this through the promotion of positive and self-empowering messages around the value of self-worth, self-empowerment, parent and child interaction, volunteerism and community participation.

Consumers warned about too much salt

As the country observes March 12 to 18 as Salt Awareness Week, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica is appealing to persons to watch out for hidden salt. Executive director of the foundation, Deborah Chen, indicated that most of the salt we consume (75 per cent) is contained in processed foods.

"We have to pay close attention to labels when purchasing food and take steps to lower the amount of salt we add to our food. We should also seek to add flavour to our meals by increasing the use of natural herbs and spices instead of adding more salt," she suggested.

Hidden salt in processed food is dangerous, especially when the product does not taste particularly salty and the consumer is lured into a false sense of comfort in consuming a significant amount of the harmful food items.

 St Thomas roads won't improve this year

Residents of St Thomas will not see any improvements to their roadway next fiscal year under the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project.

The project is intended to lead to major improvement of the main road from Harbour View Port Antonio. Some 16 kilometres of the road from Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge will be widened to accommodate four lanes of traffic. Major rehabilitation work has been earmarked for 93km of main road from Yallahs Bridge to Port Antonio; and 27.5km of main road from Morant Bay to Cedar Valley.

Based on the Budget that has been tabled in parliament, only seven per cent of the four-lane highway from Harbour View to Yallahs will be built this year.

As it relates to the construction of the Morant Bay to Cedar Valley leg of the project, the Budget says 30 per cent will be completed by next March.

Henry unhappy with mining companies

Mining Minister Mike Henry is not happy with the rate at which land titles are being prepared and delivered to individuals who have been resettled by the mining companies.

More than 4,000 individual titles were yet to be processed and finalised for delivery to new property owners as of last year.

Henry said that while it is understandable that there are many legacy cases to contend with, it is unacceptable that the rate at which these are being settled does not fit into Government's agenda to empower people, by helping them to unlock the value of the lands they occupy.

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