Susette gets a wheelchair

March 15, 2018
Susette Foster with the walker she used to use to get around.

It is happy days for Susette Foster who received a wheelchair days ago, to help her move around more easily.

The 22-year-old from Silent Hill, Clarendon, told THE STAR in a March 2 story that because of a condition, she cannot straighten her legs. She pleaded for a wheelchair and readers responded.

Construction company Tank-Weld has since provided a wheelchair for Foster.

Foster said she is really happy with the wheelchair because, before this, she was using a walker which was very difficult to manoeuvre.

"Me can hardly use it, but me a try batta wid it," Foster laughed. "The hill steep, so a dat a cause it, but me glad seh me get it because it a help me better than the walker."

Bruce Bicknell, manager of Tank-Weld, said he was told by an associate about Foster's need and he decided to help.

He told THE STAR that his company usually gives out approximately 500 wheelchairs to people in need.

"If you send us information with a picture and prove that the wheelchair is in fact needed, then we normally give them out," he said.

He added that they usually source the wheelchairs from China and give them away to persons in need as well as hospitals.

Foster's mother, Rose White, said that she is overjoyed, because Foster was struggling.

She admitted it is a strain for her daughter, especially when she is going up the hill, but it is much better than being on her knees.

"It kind of hard because the hill steep, so we have to help push her, but I am very glad that we got it," she said.

White said that she is very grateful to the persons who saw her daughter's story and responded so kindly.

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