Bad road mek taxi man get bun - Cabbies want roadway to be fixed soon

March 16, 2018
Temple (left) and Crafton Clarke point to a section of badly damaged road in Sherwood Forest, Portland.
Temple (left) and Crafton Clarke point to a section of badly damaged road in Sherwood Forest, Portland.

After navigating the pothole-riddled roads on a daily basis, one taxi man, who operates from Sherwood Forest to Port Antonio in Portland, argues that the drivers are too tired to even have sex with their wives and girlfriends when they get home.

Andre, who is otherwise known as ‘Temple’, said that some females who are in relationship with taxi men are forced to become promiscuous because the drivers cannot satisfy their sexual needs.

“Bun kill yuh if yuh have a woman weh love sex every night. Yuh haffi bawl fi back up. Serious sup'm mi a talk bout,” he said.

He explained that they are very tired as from the 'jerking up' that they get from falling into numerous craters along the roadway.

“Just imagine you deh pon dis road 15 hour a day. When yuh guh home enuh, mek sure yuh woman nuh want nuh whole heap a sex or else bun kill yuh enuh,” he told THE STAR, admitting that most nights he falls asleep on his settee.

Meanwhile, he said that some of his colleagues who once had numerous partners have had to become ‘one burners’ because the cost of car parts and fixing their vehicles is just too expensive to maintain more than one relationship.

“All some a di taxi man haffi cut dung pon di woman dem, some a dem gone dung to none,” he said, noting that he has had to replace numerous parts on his seven-month-old car.

“All this morning, mi call di auto shop fi get one shocks and a $10,300 for it,” he said.

Another of Andre’s colleague’s, Crafton Clarke, is concerned that in the case of an emergency persons could die before they can get to a medical facility. 

“Imagine a babymother tek in fi have baby or if somebody fi tek sick right now, yuh a tek more than an hour fi reach up a di hospital,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He explained that the roads were not always in such a poor condition, but things got bad when road work was done in December. Before then, he said that it would take 15 minutes to travel from Sherwood Forest to Port Antonio, but now it takes close to an hour or even more.

“Frequently wi haffi change suspension, shocks, ball joint, rack end, tyre rod,” he told THE STAR, noting that he hopes the roadway is fixed soon.




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