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March 16, 2018
Rod Davis walks his huge ram goat as he travel along the Mount Moses main road in Thompson Town, Clarendon. Davis claims he is scared to leave the ram by itself as he is afraid it will be stolen.

Over $4 million in ganja found in gas tanker

Police assigned to the Manchester police and Area 3 Narcotics arrested two men following the seizure of a quantity of ganja in Kingsland, Manchester, on Monday.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit, at about 10:30 p.m., a fuel-tank trailer was stopped and searched when seven parcels of ganja weighing approximately 27kgs (60lbs) were found in the gas tank and 32 knitted bags of compressed ganja weighing approximately 512kgs (1,128lbs) found inside the tanker.

The drug has an estimated street value of $4.7 million. The two men were subsequently arrested.

Munroe slams Students' Loan Bureau

Professor Trevor Munroe has chided the Students' Loan Bureau for the publication of the names and faces of delinquent students in both national newspapers on Sunday.

"I have never seen any photographs of the large taxpayers who are depriving Government and the public of the funds that they can pay teachesr and pay other people properly. We not seeing no photograph in any newspaper, yet they put the photograph of the youngsters in the newspapers. It is not right!" he said.

Munroe, the executive director of the National Integrity Action, said that he was not in support of the non-repayment of loans by students. He said, however, that the way in which delinquent students are treated when compared to large taxpaying organisations is another example of rampant inequity in the society.

Jamalco gives $4 million to community groups

Some 25 community-based organisations and institutions are now better able to carry out their mandates after receiving Good Deeds grants valued at $4.26 million from the Noble Foundation and Jamalco.

The beneficiary organisations received their cheques at the Good Deeds presentation ceremony held at the company's refinery in Halse Hall, Clarendon, on March 1, 2018.

The grants were donated following the successful completion of 50 hours of service by 142 Jamalco employees. Team members gave 7,300 hours of their time, and each employee secured a grant of $30,000 for their respective project.

"When you give time to improve institutions and the lives of others, you are demonstrating that you do care, and you are giving them hope," Corporate Services Manager Donna Marie Brooks-Gordon said.

Schoolboys charged with murder

The four high-school boys who were charged with the stabbing death of a man in Port Antonio, Portland, two weeks ago are to reappear in court on May 25.

The boys, whose ages range from 16 to 17, had their first court appearance on March 3, when they were each granted bail in the sum of $80,000.

All four boys have been charged with murder after they allegedly attacked, beat, and stabbed 20-year-old Kerone Dixon on the afternoon of March 1 near the bus park on Foreshore Road in Port Antonio, Portland.

Watch out for colon cancer

Senior lecturer in anatomic pathology and consultant pathologist at the University Hospital of the West Indies Dr Nadia Williams says that persons should talk to their doctors to find out if certain risk factors for colon cancer apply to them.

"More than 90 per cent of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in men and women older than 50. A family history of colon cancer or polyps, especially among first-degree relatives, can also increase the risk," she said.

She further noted that health hazards and bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, a diet high in fat or red meat, vitamin deficiencies, and a diet low in fruits and vegetables are also colon cancer risks.

"They work synergistically to cause genetic alterations in the cells," she explained, adding that colon cancer is caused by the accumulation of multiple genetic accidents.

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