Poultry powering Grateful Hill Primary

March 16, 2018
Janeth Valentine (left, back row) and Donna Brown (right, back row) with Grade Three students of Grateful Hill Primary School (from left) Aidon Service, Alex Fraser, Jedina Thame, Jalil Lewell, Shantarra Ball, showing off their chickens.

Grateful Hill Primary School in St Catherine has become self-sufficient with the implementation and success of a chicken-rearing project at the Glengoffe-based institution.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the 80-year-old institution recently, a number of chickens that were raised by students and teachers were cleaned, refrigerated, and ready to be prepared in the school's canteen.

One parent said the enterprise has positively impacted her life as her son is now able to attend school more regularly.

"He is able to have a lunch for under $180; this is good as they raise the chickens in the compound," said Suzette James. "This makes it cheaper and there are savings of $153,000 that the administration of the rural school would have to spend."

Meanwhile, principal George Moodie said that as a result of the chicken rearing coupled with other actions the school is growing.

"Since last year, we have produced about 850 pounds of chicken at this school and it has really helped with the nutrition of the students; we are now having a 98 per cent attendance," he said. "There are 280 students here, and if it is that we want good results from students, there is the need for good nutrition."

He said there was a time when the attendance had dwindled to just 134. Moodie said the school uses the chickens in its daily lunches.

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