Jamaican penises among world's best - new survey

March 19, 2018

Jamaican men have always prided themselves on the size of their penises and their sexual prowess. Well a new study from online data tracker TargetMap will raise their self esteem bar even higher because according to an article in the 'UK Sun', Jamaican men are ranked among the largest, measuring between 6.3 and seven inches, along with countries like Ghana and Nigeria.

Sex expert Shelly-Ann Weeks told THE STAR that she is not surprised that Jamaicans 'measure up' among the best.

"Women are always advertising about Jamaican men sexually and a big penis is just a factor of that. I don't know who started that rumour but it has been well received across the world. I am not sure how much evidence they have to support their findings but that is the assumption ... Jamaican men are not only well 'blessed' but also very good in bed," she said.


African men


The diagram shows that while west African men generally have the world's largest penises, Asians got the short end, having the smallest on average.

Countries like India, Thailand and South Korea are at the bottom of the charts, with average sizes between 9.3 centimetres (3.6 inches) and 10.5 centimetres (4.1 inches).

But while Weeks believes size does matter, it is not usually the major deciding factor when selecting a sexual partner.

She stated that the constant promotion by dancehall artistes may have also contributed to the Target Map graphics.

"If you should notice every deejay have nine to 12 inches ... all of them. I'm not sure how factual that is but in their mind they have nothing under nine inches," she said laughing.

There were mixed reaction from some females, a few of whom felt the findings were a bit exaggerated.

"Me never sleep with every Jamaican but me no think them have the biggest. The Africans may be so cuz when me a watch 'blues' a bare mandingo me see spread out on the phone screen," said Sher.

However from Kedesha's perspective, 'nuff respect' should be given to the Jamaican male population who she believes will forever stand out among the rest.

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