New Market being developed on tight budget

March 20, 2018
New Market, St Elizabeth.


Despite operating on a tight budget, the New Market Community Development Committee (CDC) has been doing all it can to ensure continued community development.

The group has been at the forefront of several charitable initiatives and has grown to embody the interests and voice of the citizens of New Market, Lewisville, and the other neighbouring districts in the breadbasket parish of St Elizabeth.

"It was in February that we had a major fair inviting everyone out for the entrepreneur workshop, and had people from the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation and other government agencies, including the member of parliament," executive member Iris Smith told the WESTERN STAR.

Smith explained that although the New Market CDC is down to 10 members since its forming out of the ashes of the New Market Health Committee four years ago, the group remains active and is doing its best to uplift the farming communities.

According to her, special attention is being paid to the weak and vulnerable members of the community through various outreach projects.

"The New Market CDC visits and helps the shut-ins, the needy and underprivileged people of these areas," said Smith.

She noted that the committee also tries to extend charity to the different schools, but some financial aid would be welcome.

"We are in need of many things. Despite the best effort of our members, some help would be appreciated," Smith stated.

"We are going to get the community centre, which currently houses a basic school, but they are going to move out after the Easter holiday. So we are going to get it to do what we can to generate some funds for our projects. We hope to do work like embroidery and sewing, so we are looking forward for that," she added.

Resident Olive Samuels attested to New Market CDC's involvement in Lewisville, stating that many persons in the community, particularly the underprivileged, have been better able to cope and feel less isolated due to connections and support made by the committee.

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