VOX POP: Which two rivals they would like to see compete in the 100 metres?

March 20, 2018
Vybz Kartel


With the the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships taking place at the National Stadium this weekend, THE STAR asked a number of these persons which two rivals they would like to see compete over 100 metres.


Jhevaugh Watson:

"Mi woulda want see Vybz Kartel and Alkaline a run a 100 meters fi prove who a best artiste right now. Dat woulda be sup'm different and suh di fans dem woulda just accept whoever win as the champion."

Raheem Chambers:

"A race between Observer and Gleaner or between TVJ and CVM woulda exciting fi prove who provide the most accurate information."

Shericka Riley:

"Although Calabar and Fortis a go clash a Champs, dem fi have a sprint between the two school dem fi prove which one a dem better, and mi nah talk just in terms of athletics ... Mi a talk fi find out which one a di better school overall cause almost everybody inna Jamaica support dem two schools yah."

Lenworth Hinds:

"Digicel and FLOW. Dat would be a good race fi see and whoever win yu know say a dem a provide di betta rate."

Anna-Kay Thompson:

"Yea, man, it would be a good idea fi the PNP and JLP just run a 100 metre instead a have election one a di time dem fi just run it. We grow up a hear bout PNP and JLP and dem a di two biggest rival suh anybody weh fi race a dem. Plus, dem woulda save a lot a money cause dem wouldn't affi campaign. Dem woulda just affi train and dem can select Audley Shaw fi JLP and Peter Bunting fi PNP."

Dwight Reid:

"Grace and Lasco. Grace a original favourite and then Lasco now is fast growing, although it deh ya good while to, suh dat would be a tuff one cause dem mek basically di same products."

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