All set for GSAT

March 21, 2018
Ruel Reid


Education Minister Ruel Reid says the State is ready to accommodate the 39,093 students registered to sit the final Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) tomorrow and Friday.

Reid said all systems and mechanisms needed for the national primary-level examination are now in place, including those to accommodate students with special needs, those who speak foreign languages, those hospitalised, and one juvenile who has been incarcerated.

Examinations will be administered in 1,089 centres across the island. Some 18,996 males and 20,097 females have been registered to sit the GSAT.




Reid said 315 students with special needs will do the examination.

"GSAT will be administered to seven students who are currently patients in hospitals, over the two-day period. Six students across the island will receive interpreters in Mandarin, Spanish, and Dutch. There is also one student who will sit GSAT in a juvenile facility because no matter where they are, we have to empower them. We want to ensure that no child is left behind," Reid said.

Test materials for GSAT have been dispatched, while training of presiding examiners and invigilators was completed on March 16.

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