VOX POP: Which politician would win a 100 metre race at Champs

March 21, 2018
Andrew Holness
Damion Crawford


With the ISSA/ GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships taking place at the National Stadium, The STAR asked persons which politician they think would win a 100-metre race.

Diana Brown: "Juliet Cuthbert, 'cause she a di only one weh mi know keep fit and she use to run ... She woulda run lef all a dem 'cause mi know say she fitter than di rest a dem 'cause dem lousy."

Wilfred Miller: "A Holness must win 'cause him a di only one weh mi see healthy like say him coulda manage fi run it."

Keino Williams: "Andrew. Him look young enough and him fit."

Anna: "Damion Crawford would a win cause him younger and fitter than all a dem."

Travis Hinds: "If Portia did deh a she woulda win 'cause she love run, but like how she gone mi would say Damion Crawford."

Chris: "Damion Crawford 'cause him young and him a Rasta, suh mi think him would be quick."

Tashenken Blackwood: "Damion Crawford always full a chat and him talk some good things, suh him confidence alone woulda mek him win."

Richard: "Andrew Holness look like the one weh would most likely fi win 'cause him look stronger than di rest a dem."

Oshane Chisolm: "Damion Crawford 'cause him a did mi MP at Harbour View."

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