You have the wrong men - residents injure cops during demonstration

March 22, 2018

Two police officers were injured yesterday as residents in Annotto Bay, St Mary threw stones at them, during a protest in the community.

The STAR gathered that the residents became irate because of the arrest and charge of two men for the death of three-year-old Kalecia Matthews.

Kalecia was killed by gunmen on February 14 while walking with her stepfather in the community.

Head of the St Mary police Division Deputy Superintendent Bobette Morgan told The STAR that residents were demonstrating and police was on the scene trying to maintain law and order.

"During the time that they were there, the residents became more irate and they threw stones at the police," she said. "As a result of the stones being thrown and the police believing that their lives were in danger, they fired shots in the air to ensure that they protected their lives and the lives of law abiding citizens who wanted to go about their business."




Morgan said the shots that were fired were merely to quell that behaviour of the residents who were protesting.

"During that incident two of the police officers got injured and taken to the hospital. One of them is unable to walk," she said.

The men, who were arrested last week, were charged Tuesday evening with murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm.

The STAR understands that residents believe the police have arrested the wrong men. They believe the real killers are still at large.

Last Thursday, residents protested and demanded the release of the two men that were taken in custody.

Reports were that the father of one of the accused said his son was in his bed at the time of the killing.

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