Fake pregnancy test used to fool foreigner

March 23, 2018


Several persons have been selling fake pregnancy tests online, fuelling speculation that men are being fooled by women into either paying for abortions or supporting non-existent children.

Mary Jane*, 22, told the WEEKEND STAR that she tricked a man into thinking that she was pregnant about two years ago.

She said that she needed money and thought the best way to get it was to tell him that she was pregnant.

"Me did meet dis man online and we seh we deh. Him come visit me two time and we had sex. But him did mean bad, so me decide fi tell him seh me pregnant," she said. "Me get fake test, fake ultrasound. You see true me did fat, me belly did look big so me just tek (photos of) me big belly send him too," she said.

Jane told THE WEEKEND STAR that she chose to do this because the man, who lives in the United States, wanted to have a child and she knew that he would send money to her.

She said that on a monthly basis, she would ask him for $US500 which he would gladly send to her.

"When me tell him seh me pregnant, him glad bag buss. Me just use that to my advantage and start ask fi things. All when me nuh want nuttin me call same way and seh me need dis and dat fi di baby grow healthy and strong," she said.




Jane said she really liked the man but she wanted to go back to school and he was not interested in helping her out.

"Me tell him me want go back a school because me never get fi finish. A did me mada one and she never have it. Him tell me seh him nuh have no money to send me go school, but him can bring me up and marry me," she said.

Jane said that after five months of faking her pregnancy, she told him that she lost the baby.

"Him a 42 and never have no pickney so when me tell him dat, it was like me tear him up," she said. "Him bawl, me nah lie. Me did feel like a wicked person. Him did even ask me weh all di money deh weh him send come give me and me tell him seh me use it buy up things fi di baby. Him never deh yah so him think a true me a talk," she said.

*name changed

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