Tax office blamed for fake drivers licence

March 24, 2018


A twenty-seven-year-old man appeared to have blamed the tax offices for his misfortunes after he was dragged before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to answer for the possession of a fake drivers licence.

Despite pleading guilty to the charges of uttering forged documents and conspiracy to defraud, Dex Douglas said he is clueless how he ended up with a fake permit.

"Me guh through the legal process fi get me licence suh me nuh know how it fake," Douglas said.

The police said that on February 5, Douglas, was seen on Oxford Road, St Andrew, in the vicinity of Emancipation Park when he was signalled to a stop by a police officer because he not wearing a seat belt.

Douglas was fined $50,000 or six months in prison for uttering forged documents and conspiracy to defraud. He is to appear before the traffic court on April 27 to face additional charges of driving without a driver's license, and having no fitness or insurance for the vehicle he was operating.

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