Cabbies take matters into their own hands

March 26, 2018
Taxi men Devon Lawerence (left) and Murphy Cummings take a break from work to fix the road in their community.

Instead of demonstrating for proper roads, the taxi men of Scarlett Hall in St Ann took matters in their own hands.

Last Wednesday, Devon Lawrence and Murphey Cummings took a break from running their routine trips to repair the pothole-filled road.

"A from Monday we a do this, enuh. We, the taxi man dem, just decide to do it we self 'cause a our pocket it a go cost more in the long run. We nuh have no time to block road and create no scene when we can do it wiself," Lawrence said.

As the two worked tirelessly in the afternoon sun, other cabbies that run along the route drove by, but not without slowing down to offer a string of compliments.

Lawrence told THE STAR that the road repair was also a collaborative effort with the councillor for the area, Winston Lawrence, whom he referred to as a hard-working individual.

"Me honestly can't tell you who is the member of parliament, but me know the councillor a do a good job. Him nuh just forget 'bout we and come round at election time. Most a di time, we can see him anytime we want, and him help out and contribute to buying the materials to fixing the road," he said.

He stated that apart from the bad roads, Scarlett Hall is regarded as a fairly decent community which contains the necessary amenities, including light and water.

"Scarlett Hall a one a the safest place inna Jamaica, and we a beg the criminal dem nuh come here, 'cause right now yah so a paradise. You can sleep with you door open and leave a bucket full a money outside and nobody nah trouble it. Everything criss yah so," he said.


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