Vendors compete for sales at Champs

March 26, 2018
Numerous patrons flocked the the stalls at the National Stadium to buy food.
This vendor was very spirited as he served jerked chicken.
A vendor prepares a serving of boiled corn for a customer at Champs last Saturday.

Aside from the action on track at Champs 2018, numerous vendors came to the National Stadium to compete for sales.

As patrons walked towards the National Stadium, there were many vendors lining the street, beckoning to them to make purchases.

And as they stepped through the gates on to the compound, they were greeted by the aroma of plethora of tasty treats enticing them to spend their cash.

Jerked chicken, beverages, soups, popcorn and other snacks were among the offerings.

Selling his jerked chicken at $500 per quarter, Benjamin said that his winning sauce and succulent meat were the main pulling factors for the queue of persons who gathered around his jerk pan.

"From Thursday mi deh yah. Business wasn't too good on Thursday, yesterday (Friday) was all right and today not bad so far," Benjamin said as he chopped chicken to serve to a customer.




Benjamin, who has been selling at Champs for the past three years, said that he was hoping to surpass the amount of money he made last year by the end of the night.

Further along the stretch was Monica James, who was selling soup.

"Mi come yah from bout 12 o'clock, and mi nuh really get nuh whole heap a sale yet," she said.

However, she was optimistic that before the night ended she would have sold off the pot of soup that she had boiled.

"It haffi sell off cause mi can't afford fi it waste. If it nuh sell off, it haffi go dash weh. But when people a come out a di stadium and di night get cold, dem will buy. And if mi still have, mi hear say dem a have party ova deh suh. Mi just go deh go see if mi can get it sell," she said.

James, who has been selling at Champs for approximately 10 years, explained that she had travelled from Cross Roads, St Andrew, to seek sales.

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