Farmer killed after goats are stolen

March 27, 2018
Bodies being removed from a crime scene.

The Hanover police are investigating the fatal shooting of a farmer, whose partially decomposed body was discovered in bushes days after he was threatened by men accused of stealing some of his goats.

According to Superintendent Sharon Beeput, divisional commander for the parish, 47-year-old farmer Desmond Hamilton, otherwise called Glimpse, of Rejoin in Hanover, left for his farm located in Recovery last Thursday.

When he did not return home that night, and after several efforts to contact him failed, his family members and persons from the community carried out a search. His body was eventually discovered with multiple gunshot wounds

The police were then summoned.

"Intelligence gathered so far is that the deceased was in frequent disputes with individuals about his goats and other farm materials," Beeput told Western STAR. "We also understand he was threatened recently by men accused of stealing some of his goats, and was advised to make a report to the police, but he never did."

According to the veteran crime fighter, investigators are now seeking these men.

"We want our citizens to realise the importance of reporting every case of threat to the police, no matter how simple it seems to them," she continued. "Threats are taken very seriously and are dealt with by the police immediately."

According to the superintendent, had Hamilton taken the advice, the police would have taken action and he would probably be alive today.

"Lives matter, so take every threat very seriously. It is our duty to protect you," Beeput said.

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