Vox Pop: Do you think Jamaica has lost the true meaning of Easter?

March 27, 2018
Joan Maxwell
Blair Grove
Leroy Dixon

With Easter approaching, WESTERN STAR asked members of the St Simon community in Hanover to give their thoughts about the season.

Do you think that Jamaica has lost the true meaning of Easter?

Leroy Dixon, carpenter

"I think so, because is just Easter bun everyone a focus on these days. Nuff people nah focus on Jesus and the resurrection. Them just want see the bun and the cheese.

Blair Grove, builder

"To me, them a look on the bun and cheese. Nuff people don't know or believe in Jesus or the Church, so, whenever Easter is around, they only focus on the world and the hype."

Joan Maxwell, retiree

"I don't think people have forgotten the meaning of Easter because look at me, I still focus on the spiritual side of the holiday. I am a Christian, and I have a connection with my Lord. So, I think many are like me. Some remember Jesus in Easter.

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