Woman with blood disease trying to build a home

March 28, 2018
A worried Aysheeka Cunningham
Aysheeka Cunningham

Aysheeka Cunningham is seeking funding to construct a home for her and her nine-year-old son.

Cunningham, who suffers from a blood condition called thrombocytopenia, said she is unemployed because of her illness, and she is finding it challenging to manage on her own.

Thrombocytopenia is a condition characterised by an abnormally low level of platelets in the blood.

But a major part of the reason she is seeking to build her own home is because she is now being told to leave the house she has lived in for the past seven years," she said.

Cunningham's trouble started last October. After being on a weight loss diet, rashes appeared on her skin and she became concerned after her skin colour began to get lighter.


Very sick


"I had several miscarriages and was required to do a test in 2015, but it was really expensive. So, last year, I went by a health centre to get it done as well as to find out what was happening to my skin," she said.

She said that after she received the results, she was immediately referred to the Kingston Public Hospital in November.

Cunningham was told that she was very sick, and that her platelet count was extremely low and her blood was not clotting.

"It was frightening because me a say me big and fat and nuh have no blood inna me. During that time, I almost died. My condition got worse, and a lot of persons may not believe but I literally saw myself dead and in my coffin," she said.

She told THE STAR that she has reached out to Stephanie Elliot of SMC Renovations Company Limited, who has agreed to construct a container home for a discounted price of approximately J$2 million.

The rejection from her boyfriend has only added to the pain.

"Me nuh sure if it's because me sick but him say a long time him wah tell me so (to leave). I can't work now, so now he give me and my son food if he feels like it," she said. "Although I love him and I am puzzled as to why he has changed, I don't want to be a bother to him so I would really appreciate any assistance I can get to help me with a home."

Persons can reach Cunningham at (876) 797-5755

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