His lover couldn't speak - Jamaicans share their hottest 'bun' tales

March 29, 2018

Although Easter is the time when most Jamaicans look forward to enjoying a piece of bun, no one looks forward to their partner cheating on them, or giving them 'bun'.

The act of 'getting bun' is something that many Jamaicans dish out to their partners, and sometimes it is 'hotter' than other times.

Carlene Panton said that back in 2014, her boyfriend of more than 10 years cheated on her with a female who could not speak.

"Mi and him deh from mi a go school til wi live together. Different people weh live near wi did have it fi talk say him and di dumb girl weh live near wi a f..k, but mi neva pay it no mind cause mi say him just a be nice to her," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But it was not until one of her friends convinced her that something was going on that she did further investigations.

"So mi start watch him, but mi neva see nutten out a di ordinary til mi beg him di call and mi just search di phone," Panton explained.

"Yuh see when mi go inna di phone and see some message and picture weh dem send one another, a mad mi nearly mad," she continued.

For Shanice Brown, she found out that her partner was cheating through the 'police'.

She said that she was in a relationship with a man who had moved to Kingston from a rural parish.

One weekend passed, and she said that he didn't return or even call her, peaking her curiosity.

"Mi call even him mother and she say she nuh know weh him deh, til di Wednesday somebody call and say dem a call from the St Ann's Bay Police Station say dem lock him up cause him and another man fight," she explained.

She said the next day he contacted her and told her that he was on his way home but before he arrived, she got a call from one of his relatives, who informed her that he spent the weekend with another woman.

"Him cousin, weh mi and har a fren, tell mi say him spend di whole time a dis big fat gyal yard and him not even go look fi him madda," Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.

For Marlon, the 'hottest bun' he got was when his girlfriend cheated with his best friend.

"One a mi bredren carry mi and a girl go one party, and wi inna di party good, good. Then mi just miss the two a dem, and mi go find di two a dem inna di car. Dem look guilty pon dem face and mi know say sup'm gwaan from dat. But a when mi and har lef, mi bredren tell mi say sup'm did gwaan," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

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