Vox Pop: What are some of the Easter traditions that are disappearing?

March 29, 2018
In this file 2011 photo, Hayden Augustine from the Missionaries of the Poor carries the cross along Wildman Street, central Kingston. Millions worldwide attend mock crucifixions and passion plays that mark the day Jesus was crucified, known to Christians as Good Friday.


For Americans, Easter is about bunnies and painting eggs. In Jamaica, however, there are other traditions that many Jamaicans normally follow. But in recent times, it seems there has been a shift from these practices with persons now ignoring the things once done by their parents.

THE WEEKEND STAR took to the streets of downtown Kingston yesterday to find out which Easter traditions have disappeared.

Monica Mills: "We woulda bruck egg and put it inna water, and see weh it woulda shape out inna fi predict the future."

Rose Powell: "Nobody nah go church again. Is like Easter a nuh fi God again, everybody just a go bare party. Back inna di days, yuh neva hear not one dancehall song."

Ralston: "As children growing up, we would cut the physic nut tree at noon and look if it bleed as them say. Dem children here not doing that again."

Charmaine Williams: "People used to cook from Holy Thursday and put down them food, and when Good Friday come everybody would go to church. Nobody nah do that again. Everybody just a do dem own thing now, and dem not even a go church again."

Michael McClarty: "People used to bake bun and other things like dukunoo, or blue draws, but dem nah do that again. Everything get commercial now, so everybody a buy bun and cheese."

Phillip Parkinson: "Dem say yuh shouldn't light fire before 12 o'clock, but everybody a light fire nowadays. People nuh business wid Easter again."

Kenworth Duncan: "Bun and cheese eating competition did more popular. Mi nuh see much a dat a gwaan again. Mi nuh know why, but mi think dem need fi carry back more of dem thing deh."

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