Man loses thousands in pregnancy scam

April 03, 2018

Only days after The STAR published an article about women using fake pregnancies to fool men, John Brown* decided that he wanted his story heard.

Brown, 34, who lives in the Corporate Area, said his dilemma started three years ago when he met a woman from a rural community online.

"Me and her meet online pan Facebook and we set it off. Me tell her she look good and me like her. She told me the same," he said.

He said that they became friends and visited each other occasionally, engaging in sexual relations after only a couple of months.

"Me did have a one catty up yah when me and di girl start deal. Me did really like her vibes and thing, so me deal wid di thing proppa," he said.

"Me nah lie, things did a go well until two years ago when she drop the breeding bomb pan me," he added.

Brown said he was sceptical about her pregnancy at first, but became fond of the idea of having a baby.

"Me did give har like $10,000 every now and then cause me a seh me affi tek care a me own," he said.




But he started to become suspicious when he requested to see her and she would not oblige.

"Me did just feel seh supm wrong because me get a dream like me granny a seh to me seh me fi watch meself. Me did find it really strange, so the morning me get up and tell her seh me a come look fi har and she a seh no," he said.

Brown made a surprise visit to the woman, and found her drinking and having fun with friends.

"She woulda be three months pregnant, so when me pop up pan har and see har a drink me did shock outta me wits. Me just stand up there speechless fi a while. Me nah lie, me shock tun to anger and when me shout after har, she jump and a ask me weh me a do deh," he said.

Brown said that people had to control him when he found out she was conning him.

"Me seh me blood get hot, enuh. Me grab a piece a board and swing it after har and she duck. Next thing me know har people dem tun dung pan me. To how me mad, me think me woulda do har supm bad if dem never di deh," he said.

Brown said he now doesn't trust women or doesn't talk much to them on social media.

"Woman too wicked yah man and a tru me nuh wan go jail mek me nuh go back fi har. Nobady cya trick me like that again," he said.


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