Smoother roads ahead for St Ann community

April 03, 2018
Stephen Douglas points to a section of the road he had to fix in Douglas Castle.
Road work being done in a section close to Douglas Castle, St Ann.

Residents of Douglas Castle in St Ann are concerned about the condition of the road in the community and are calling on the authorities to get the problem fixed.

One resident, Stephen Douglas, who has lived in the community for more than 60 years, said that they have made many requests.

"A when election come yuh see people. Right now, we don't even know where the councillor's office is. From election run, we nuh see nobody back," he said.

Douglas stated that one of their main concerns is getting to the hospital.

"Our nearest hospital is in St Ann's Bay. Can you imagine a pregnant madda tek sick and need to have her child? Pon dis yah road yah fi go St Ann's Bay? A problem," he said.

He told THE STAR that he recommended contractors to pave the road because it has been destroyed by rain.

"A whole heap a changes mek pan di road and dem nah maintain it right. Inna dem yah clay soil, dem jus marl the road, and underneath it soft. If dem just dig out the road and fill it before dem marl it, it wouldn't mash up so quick, especially when rain fall," he said.

Another resident, Louine Pinnock Douglas, who has lived in the community for more than 20 years, said that the road has been in a deplorable condition since she moved there, and she would like to see some changes soon.

But Member of Parliament for South West St Ann Xavier Mayne told THE STAR that road construction is underway close by.

"There is road that is being done from Mason River, and it is my understanding that that road is to extend some distance into Douglas Castle. There is some movement in respect to improving the state of the roads in Douglas Castle," he said.

He added: "A preferred bidder had been identified in respect to a $20-million road programme to be done in Douglas Castle. While it has been identified, I don't know if the contract has been signed."

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