Vox Pop: Why do you continue to live in Mountainside?

April 03, 2018
Norma Williamson
Easton Smith
Pamella Taylor

In a recent visit to Mountainside in St Elizabeth, Western STAR asked the residents why they continue to live in their rural community.

Easton Smith, former carpenter: "It is still the best community in St Elizabeth. I born and grew up here, but I moved away for some time ago but I had to come back. The people here live good. They are clam and we have fun."

Pamella Taylor, cricketer: "No violence is the single best thing about Mountainside. Yes, you might have a few bad apples, but most of the community is good. It is Easter now, and the people the planning a friendly cricket competition."

Norma Williamson, unemployed: "If I leave Mountainside I have to come back because the community is too peaceful to want to be gone for too long. It is nice, calm and no violence. Everybody here live happy and lovingly.


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