Landlord uses obeah to get tenant - But 'science' can't hold woman

April 04, 2018

A tenant says she had to flee the place she rented after only four months because the landlord was using obeah to try and get her.

Jane Smith* said everything was good initially when she moved in September but things changed shortly after her boyfriend joined her.

"My boyfriend move in November and by January the landlord started doing things that seemed really suspicious," she said.

Smith said that when she came home one evening, she saw black candles burning on the steps leading to her door.

"Him go inna me house, search it up and light candles, him even throw my boyfriend's phone outside. I realised that he had it out for my boyfriend and I didn't know why," she said.

One man who said he knows about spiritual works told The STAR that black candles cause conflict, which Smith said she was experiencing with her spouse.




"Fi sprinkle di yaad, a work di man a work pan dem. A mash up di bwoy a mash up dem life. Any work wid black candle a bad work. A science work dat," he said.

Smith said that her suspicions got stronger when someone told her that the landlord was in love with her.

"When me confront him about it him seh 'of course! Is yuh alone I want here with me'," she said.

Smith said she became very uncomfortable and told the landlord she was not interested.

"Him look pan me and tell me seh he wanted my boyfriend out because he was in his way and if me and me boyfriend married, we affi come outta him place," she said.

Smith said that the landlord even got into an argument with her spouse, telling him to leave.

Smith said she witnessed the landlord throwing things around the house and after consulting with friends, she decided to leave the premises.

"Me see with me own two eyes when him throw the liquid inna him hand and a sprinkle it around the place. It very stink and high. Him always a throw obeah in here so me leave," she said. "Since I have a young son, I needed to move out of that place. So me did go a one a me girl friends and until I found a place."

*name changed

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