The 'Satan' of Cedar Valley

April 06, 2018
Coffee farmer Carlton 'Satan' Crossdale, who lives in Cedar Valley, St Thomas.

While growing up in Cedar Valley, St Thomas, Carlton Crossdale was infamous for misbehaving in church, so much so that he was given the name 'Satan' because of his naughty ways.

But Crossdale, 59, who used to attend the Grove Church of God in St Thomas, argues that his behaviour was not more devilish than the other children who attended the place of worship at the time. However, he declines to state some of the things that he did.

"A long time dem give mi dat name deh because usually, give trouble inna church from mi a bout 15. Mi a 59, and dem still a call mi so," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

And while he hated the name when he was younger, he said that now, he has no choice but to accept it.

"Mi used to feel a way, yes. But from dem a call yuh so, yuh just haffi tek it. But [now] mi nuh feel nuh way cause if dem call mi so, mi haffi answer," he said.

And he said that he is an upstanding citizen.

"Mi nuh give no trouble cause mi neva get caught up with the police dem," he said, while admitting that even lawmen who hear his name for the first time are amused by it.

"When police hear the name, them just question how mi get the name and ask mi if mi a wicked man or wah. But mi a nuh wicked man," he said with a smile.

Quite the contrast to his alias, Crossdale said that he is just a farmer who earns an honest living from selling carrots, escallion, thyme, coffee, and other produce that he plants.

But Crossdale, who said that he is happily married with four children, confessed that he no longer attends church.

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