Young stunt riders want to go pro

April 06, 2018
Lebanus Stunners bicycle crew members show off their moves in Mount Lebanus, St Thomas.

Miguel 'Stinga' Taylor has been riding bicycles for as long as he can remember, so much so that he believes that he is a pro at performing stunts on a two-wheeler.

Taylor and some friends, who also own bicycles, have formed a crew called 'Lebanus Stunners', performing numerous tricks on bicycles.

Living at Mount Lebanus, St Thomas, an area where public transportation is scarce, the bicycle comes in handy. But rather than riding just to get from one point to another, he said that they like 'wheeling' up the steep slopes to get to their destinations.

"A long time wi a dweet, from the bicycle dem shaky till dem reach yah so. We freestyle and do whole heap a things, and we practise every evening," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

With his love for bicycles and performing tricks on them, Taylor has thoughts of taking up stunt riding as a profession.

"This come like mi tek up this like a career. Wi want to reach a stage weh wi can mek money from this," he explained.

But he said that the group is yet to get the exposure that they need for them to make it big.




"We do it fi fun now, but wi did a try fi reach somewhere inna it. We just did a wait pon somebody fi highlight it," Taylor said.

Despite not getting the recognition that he would want for the group, he said they refuse to give up on the dream.

"Wi deh a every bicycle and bike show. Wi ride go a (Morant) Bay, Seaforth and Yallahs go deal wid dem thing deh (freestyle)," he shared.

"Wi did say wi did a go print some shirts, but when wi try fi save it, wi haffi spend back the money dem pon di bicycle. When wi go bike show and done, all tyre wi haffi buy back inna di morning," he continued.

And, at just 15 years old, he said that he is the one who does modifications to the bicycles that the crew members ride.

"Wi customise wi bicycle wid three brakes, two back brake and one front brake. Anyweh yuh go and see dat, a mi bill it," he said.

Even without being taught how to improve bicycles, he said that he has developed a knack for it to assist with the stunts.

"Mi just siddung and build certain things cause wi a say suppose wi a go somewhere and one a di brake dem buss, we have a next one," he said.

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