Man escapes from courthouse

April 07, 2018

A judge allegedly jumped from her seat yesterday when a man who was being transported from the Yallahs Parish Court to the holding area escaped from police officers.

The STAR understands that the man, who is known as Romario Dawes from Land Top in Port Morant, St Thomas, was charged with shop breaking and larceny when he appeared before the court.

Reports are that Dawes, 19, who was remanded by the judge, was being transported from the courtroom to the holding area by a district constable when he got free and jumped the fence of the court grounds and made his escape to the seaside.

It was reported that Dawes, who is unemployed, broke into a wholesale in Port Morant, St Thomas and stole over $100,000 worth of goods from the establishment.

The police commissioner has since ordered an immediate review of all policies dealing with the safe custody and escort of prisoners in police custody.

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